Why Swim?

Of all the sports and activities to choose from why does swimming consistently rank as one of the best, motivating its fans to jump into a pool no matter the season? Whether it’s to get physically fit or rehabilitate an injured body, swimming provides many benefits. The following is a list of values and principles embedded in the centuries-old sport. While there are others, these examples are the ones universally agreed upon in the swimming world.

  • Physical Health: Swimming improves your total well being, but one of its most valuable qualities relates to its physical benefits. Swimming works nearly every muscle in your body, while still being easy on your joints, thanks to the water’s neutral buoyancy. You will see a change in your cardiovascular fitness and endurance and an overall improvement in your general health in no time.
  • Mental Health:  It isn’t just about burning calories (and you burn A LOT), swimming aids in producing endorphins and serotonin, neurotransmitters that reduce stress and make you feel happier. Many use swimming as a form of meditation getting your body ready to take on the rest of your day.
  • Dedication & Commitment: Learning how to swim and the technique involved could be challenging, which is why swimming helps you develop your commitment and dedication to learning how to complete tasks.
  • Goal Setting: Goal setting is an important aspect to living a great life. Goals are what drive individuals to dig a little deeper, find that inner strength, and to keep on moving. Goals are essentially the first step to developing a healthier lifestyle. Whether your goals are to swim a lap without stopping or swim 500 laps, swimming will help you develop your goal setting skills, which you can utilize in your everyday life.
  • Social aspect: While some may consider swimming a solitary activity that is not always the case. Professional and amateur swimming is a place where individuals build connections and relationships with people around the world. The nice thing about swimming is that it’s universal; it brings everyone together in one way or another.
  • Youthfulness: Swimming is a sport where age really doesn’t matter due to its low impact on joints. Swimming is open to people of all ages, from babies and small children to those amazing 90+ year-old swimmers.
  • Appreciation for H20: It isn’t called the “blue marble” for nothing. Approximately 72% of the Earth’s surface is made up of water and it’s the special substance that provides life for humans as well as all other organisms on the planet. Swimming allows people to develop an appreciation for water, and our connection to it.

As you can see, swimming is more than just an activity that passes the time. It is a total mind and body workout that helps you live a better life. After reading this little swimming pep talk, I hope I’ve sparked your interest in getting into a pool and trying a sport that can truly change your life. Come on and dive right in.

Happy Swimming,

Elisa Torres