FINIS Snorkel Comparison – Part 5 of 6

Continuing our snorkel comparison, today we look at the Swimmer’s Snorkel Youth

Swimmer’s Snorkel Youth

Most recently, to the delight of many Age-Group and Lesson coaches, FINIS introduced the Swimmer’s Snorkel Youth. This new snorkel was commonly referred to as a “learn-to-swim” snorkel, as it helped teach technique to the youngest of swimmers.


  • Center-Mount Design
  • One-Way Purge Valve
  • Universal Tube Shape


  • Smaller Silicone Mouth Piece – younger swimmers have smaller mouths, so a smaller mouthpiece was an obvious design requirement.
  • Shorter Tube with Large Opening – Building lung capacity for young swimmers was not the emphasis of this Youth version, so we designed the tube to accommodate a fresh flow of oxygen with easy purging capabilities. The general universal shape remains, but the dimensions have been adjusted slightly to benefit youth swimmers.
  • Neoprene Adjustable Head Strap – Younger swimmers swim at slower speeds, so a hard head bracket is not needed to keep the snorkel from wobbling while swimming. Instead, we decided to create a soft and simple head strap using neoprene. Simply slip the strap around the tube and Velcro it quickly and easily for a custom fit.
  • Nose Clip Included – As with the Swimmer’s Snorkel Junior, the Youth version includes a nose clip for introductory purposes.
  • Target Demographic – Swimmer’s of all abilities, aged 4-9 years

Snorkel Comparison Chart

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- Mark