Export Your Swimsense Data

Recently, many folks have been asking us to build capabilities that allow your Swimsense data to be exported from the Swimsense Training Log.  Some folks want their data to be exported to the training log they use today and others simply want the “raw” data so that they can perform their own analysis.

While we are continually adding new features to the Swimsense Training Log, we understand it may not meet everyone’s needs.  And for you triathletes out there, it’s great to use tools like TrainingPeaks and BeginnerTriathlete to view all of your data in one place (disclosure – I am a triathlete and love analyzing my swim data in Swimsense but I also like seeing a combined view over all my performances in TrainingPeaks).  On this point, see this post on all the training log providers we are currently working with and let us know who else should be on the list.

For everyone that wants to crunch their swim numbers in their own way….we have released an update to the training log that provides several options to view and extract the underlying workout data.

Export Graph Data

On the workout details page, you can now right click on any of the graphs to extract the graph data.  Click on the part of the workout you are interested in within the workout timeline (e.g. an interval you want to analyze).  Then right click on a graph and choose “Copy data to clipboard”.   While some spreadsheet programs will allow you to copy directly into the spreadsheet with correct formatting, others may not.  For those that do not, copy the data into a text editing program and save the file.  Then open the file as a comma seperated value (CSV) file.

copying pace data

example of copying pace data to the clipboard

Export All Workout Data

For those that want to export all the workout data at once or to do some basic sorting and searching in the training log, we have created an export option from the workout details page. Select a workout of your choice and then scroll to the bottom of the workout details page (the one with all the graphs) and you will see the CSV icon like the one below.

click on this icon to open the table view

Click on it and you will then be presented with a (sortable) table view of your workout.

table view of workout

tabular view of swimsense workout

To download the data, simply click on the “DOWNLOAD DATA” link and you can save the CSV file to you local computer.

We hope you enjoy these new features and if you come up with some cool ways to slice and dice the data that you think others would be interested in, please let us know and we’ll possibly add it to the training log.  Happy analyzing….

- John Anthony
Co-Founder of SportSense