FINIS Snorkel Comparison – Part 1 of 6

Over the years, swimmers and coaches have continued to ask the same underlying question of “Which FINIS snorkel should I buy?”. Over the next few weeks I will breakdown this question as I compare and contrast all the features and benefits from all our snorkel models. Today I will start with a quick background check…

Background: A Snorkel for Swimming?
Unlike the side-mount snorkel that you may have used while looking at fish on vacation, the FINIS line of snorkels uses a patented center-mount design that is specifically made for swimming. The center-mount design is streamlined so that it does not wobble or get in the way of your arm strokes. Okay, so it is easier to swim with, but why use a snorkel if there aren’t fish in the swimming pool? A couple of reasons:


  • Improved Stroke Awareness and Technique
  • Balanced Strokes
  • Even Hip Rotation
  • Good Body Position

At the heart of it, FINIS Snorkels are technique tools, where the swimmer is less concerned with breathing and more concerned with body positioning. Snorkels allow the swimmer to relax and swim easily in the water, letting the coach teach stroke work properly.

Another attribute of using a snorkel is the cardiovascular benefit of breathing through a tube. It will slowly build lung capacity and strength in the water, ultimately improving your oxygen intake and reducing your lactic-acid output (it puts your lungs in shape, helping you swim faster, strong, longer).

Snorkel Comparison Chart

- Mark