FINIS Snorkel Comparison – Part 2 of 6

Last week I discussed the background reasoning for a snorkel for swimming. This week I will dive into the details of our first snorkel design…

The Original: Swimmer’s Snorkel
In 1996, FINIS introduced their first snorkel to the swimming world. This Swimmer’s Snorkel is the most universal and proficient of all the snorkels. Essentially all other models have been “spinoffs” from this original design.


  • Center-Mount Design – Designed for swimming to allow users to relax in the water and focus on technique during training.
  • One-way Purge Valve – Small purge along the bottom of the mouthpiece allows for clear and easy breathing by helping remove excess water from the snorkel tube.
  • Silicone Mouthpiece – Medical grade silicone is angled to prevent mouth fatigue.
  • Universal Tube Shape – Able to be used for all four competitive swim strokes and swimmer’s of all abilities.
  • Adjustable Head Bracket – Customizable to all head shapes and sizes. Rubber padding and curved design aids comfort. Unique strapping mechanism creates a quick-fit. Independent design allows the snorkel to be worn with (or without) standard swim caps and goggles.
  • Target Demographic = Swimmer’s of all abilities, aged 12 years and older

Snorkel Comparison Chart
Part 1 – Background

- Mark