FINIS Snorkel Comparison – Part 3 of 6

Today we continue our snorkel comparison discussion with the Swimmer’s Snorkel Junior. For an easy evaluation, all other FINIS snorkels will be compared to the standard Swimmer’s Snorkel adult model that we reviewed in Part 2. By understand the key similarities and differences, you will know which snorkel fits you best.

Swimmer’s Snorkel Junior
The Swimmer’s Snorkel Junior was introduced a few years later to allow age-group swimmers to understand the benefits of using a snorkel. Technique is important at all levels of swimming, but some coaches have argued that it may be even more important during the initial learning stages at the Age-Group level.


  • Center-Mount Design
  • One-Way Purge
  • Silicone Mouthpiece – exact same size and shape as the standard adult model
  • Universal Tube Shape
  • Adjustable Head Bracket


  • Tube Length – the Junior version is 2 inches shorter than the standard adult model. This difference is to not only accommodate the smaller heads of Age-Group swimmers, but also the smaller lung-capacity. It can be difficult to purge water out of a tube, so by making the tube shorter, the Junior version is easier to use and allows for fresher oxygen intake.
  • Nose Clip Included – many swimmers initially have trouble only breathing in through the mouth. To help novice swimmer’s with this problem we include a small Nose Clip with each Junior snorkel.
  • Target Demographic – Swimmer’s of all abilities, aged 8-12 years

Snorkel Comparison Chart
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Part 2 – Swimmer’s Snorkel

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