FINIS Snorkel Comparison – Part 4 of 6

After looking at the standard Swimmer’s Snorkel and the Swimmer’s Snorkel Junior, this week we review the Freestyle Snorkel

Freestyle Snorkel

After receiving great feedback from coaches and swimmers on our Swimmer’s Snorkels, our R&D team decided to make a specialized training snorkel for more serious swimmers. The Freestyle Snorkel is missing several features from the more universal Swimmer’s Snorkel, but it also has a few new features that make it ideal for Freestyle training.


  • Center-Mount Design
  • Adjustable Head Bracket


  • Curved, Freestyle-Specific Tube Shape – This obvious difference makes this snorkel most effective for Freestyle Swimming. The curved design places the head in the ideal position with the eyes pointed down and the back of the head aligned with the spine. If a swimmer wants to pick their head up and look forward, the end of the snorkel tube will dip into the water, providing negative feedback. Further, the curved design is easier for Freestyle flip/tumble turns as the centrifugal force creates less wobble and ensures less water enters the tube.
  • Longer Tube – A longer tube means the athlete has to work the lungs harder to take in fresh oxygen and expel excess water. As a result, the Freestyle snorkel assures an increased lung capacity and tougher cardiovascular workout.
  • No Purge Valve – Without a purge along the bottom of the mouthpiece, all water that enters the tube must be expelled out the top. Again, this increases cardiovascular training. So although less water may enter the tube because of the unique tube shape, the water is much harder to expel as compared to the standard Swimmer’s Snorkel.
  • Vinyl Mouthpiece – exact same size and shape as the standard Swimmer’s Snorkel model, just a slightly lower quality material
  • Target Demographic – Competitive and Serious Swimmer’s, 12 years and older

Snorkel Comparison Chart
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- Mark