FINIS Snorkel Comparison – Part 6 of 6

While comparing our snorkels, it is good to know what the product does NOT do. Although we may think the snorkel is perfect, we recognize that it does have a few small limitations. We thought it would be good to share so that you have a complete understanding of the device…

What the Snorkel Does Not Do:

Obviously there is no such thing as a perfect product, and many skeptics have pointed out the “flaws” of using a snorkel.

  • Rotational Breathing – With the head in a stationary position, the swimmers do not learn how to breathe from side-to-side. They cannot wear a snorkel during a race, so it is still important to learn proper breathing techniques without the snorkel.
  • Inhaling Water – Many swimmers initially get frustrated with the snorkel as they do not understand how to use the device. Some tend to hold their breath, others tend to breathe in through their nose causing water to go directly up the nostrils, and still others don’t know how to purge water from the tube, thinking it is best to inhale water. As a result, the first few laps with the snorkel can be difficult, but eventually the swimmer will learn. Keep using it and you will inevitably appreciate the results.

In the end though, the benefits certainly out-weigh the flaws, making a FINIS Snorkel arguably the most important piece of equipment a swimmer can have…even more important than a swimsuit!

Snorkel Comparison Chart
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- Mark