How to Flipturn with a Snorkel

When I talk to coaches, I often discuss with them the distinct advantages that the Swimmer’s Snorkel can offer to swimmers of all ages and ability levels. The snorkel lets the swimmer concentrate on technique while promoting correct head and body position. For novice swimmers the snorkel makes it easier to breathe and relax in the water. However, the complaint that I hear most from coaches is about performing a flipturn with the device.

Flipturning with the snorkel is indeed a learned skill and one that must be mastered. Over the next few weeks, I’ll offer some tips on how to hone this skill.

One challenge of using the Swimmer’s Snorkel when performing flip turns stems from the forces exerted on the snorkel. Do you find that your snorkel sometimes begins to rotate and move off-center? While the Swimmer’s Snorkel is engineered to stay securely on the user’s forehead, it must be tightened to effectively stay in place. Before you begin swimming with the snorkel, make sure that you adjust the straps so that the bracket is secure and flush on your forehead. The strap should still be comfortable yet tight enough so that the snorkel will remain firmly in place during the somersault.

- Paul