My First Three Swims with the Swimsense Performance Monitor

I recently set up a goal for myself to swim 10 times in December.  Recently I have been doing more exercise in the gym, riding a spin bike and doing weights, while I also play water polo about 2 nights a week. So I thought 10 swim workouts would be a good goal. With my new Swimsense™ I have already been in the water 3 times over the past 6 days!

My first swim with my Swimsense was prior to a polo practice. I was not paying too much attention to this “warm up” swim other than I wanted to get in a few yards and a few stroke types before polo practice started. When I stopped I was surprised to see that I swam 950 yards already (700 free, 50 back and 200 breast). A pretty good amount of “warm up” before my 90-minute polo practice.

I was a little more sensitive during my second session with my Swimsense, excited to see the details of a pure swimming workout.  I had a nice 2500 yard morning swim, and all the while I was thinking of how interesting it will be to see my data: split times, stroke count, swimming time vs rest time, efficiency score, etc. So after my swim, when I uploaded my workout and looked at the details on, I was amazed and engrossed with the data. This is MY workout! What did I do poorly? What was good? How awesome is this see!!

During my third Swimsense™ session I had a rather full day ahead of me, so I opted for a shorter swim before heading to the office.  I chose not to think about my workout, but rather use my SwiMP3 to keep my mind off my work and enjoy the music. I did a 4 song warm up, followed by a song for breaststroke and another song for backstroke. I swam out a final song to freestyle and thought I would be done.  At that point, I looked at my Swimsense and saw my total workout distance read 1450 yards. I thought to myself “Well that isn’t a very good number. I can’t get out of the pool yet!” I decided to swim another song at a relaxed pace, and I felt a lot better knowing I had swam a total of 1800 yards. The Swimsense motivated me to swim just a little farther that day.

When I uploaded this 3rd workout on my Swimsense Bridge software, I checked the box “Post to Facebook”.  I had not yet selected this option before, and within 30 minutes of uploading the workout, several friends sent me notes encouraging me to swim more or acknowledging that they need to get back in the pool.  I am not a regular Facebook user, but I will probably be uploading my workout status more often now in order to keep face with my friends and coworkers who log a lot more yardage than I typically do.

I am well on my way to achieving my goal of 10 swims this month, especially with the extra motivation my Swimsense provides. Whether inspiring me with workout data or being able to challenge my Facebook friends, my Swimsense will certainly be a part of every workout from now on.

Enjoy the holiday season and don’t forget to make sense of your swim!

- John Mix

President, FINIS Inc.