New Easy-to-Use Upload and Video pages on Stroke Lab Update

Stroke Lab™ now offers new features that make uploading, sharing and coaching videos even easier. Let’s take a look at the new features offered:

Public & Private Settings for Videos
All videos now offer the option of a public 0r private setting managed by the owner of the video. Private videos are only viewable by athletes tagged in the video and by coaches who manage the team. Public videos allow you to share your video with anyone on the web. You initially set the privacy of the video when you upload the video.

Change the privacy setting of your video at any  time via the new video toolbar available on each video page.

Share your Coaching videos
Once you set one of your videos as public you have several easy ways to share your videos with friends and teammates not using Stroke Lab.

  • Public Video Link- Each public video now has a selectable public link that can be shared.
  • Embed Video Link- Share coaching videos on your website or blog using the embed code. The embed feature creates an easy way to share technique analysis with groups outside your team.
  • Share via Facebook or Twitter- (coming soon)