Putting on the Forearm Fulcrum

My job at FINIS often entails explaining how our training tools work to improve stroke efficiency and technique. When I go to an event, one of the first products people ask me about is the Forearm Fulcrum. Its unique “infinity” loop shape always seems to intrigue a passerby at trade shows, clinics and swim meets. “What’s that?” is often the first question I get.

The concept behind the Forearm Fulcrum is simple: it creates an arm blade from the elbow to the fingertips. By just wearing the device, the user’s wrist remains straight throughout the pull, promoting a high-elbow catch and early vertical forearm.

Ironically, the biggest challenge when explaining the Forearm Fulcrum is getting the user to put the device on correctly. Nine out of ten users will put the Forearm Fulcrum on wrong the first time they try (I admit that I am one of the nine). Here are a few simple tips to wearing the Forearm Fulcrum correctly:

  • Orient the Forearm Fulcrum properly. Make sure the FINIS logo is facing down with the blue padding facing upwards.
  • Hold the Forearm Fulcrum in one hand. Slip your hand through the 1st loop from below, then slide the device up your forearm until your hand can slip into the 2nd loop.
  • One easy reminder is to always have the bottom of your wrist rest flat against the large blue padding in the middle of the two loops.
  • Make sure to place your hand in the 2nd loop with your thumb out. You want you wrist as flat as possible!

Honestly, pictures may be the best way to learn. Common mistakes and the correct “wear” for the Forearm Fulcrum are shown below:

- Paul