Sample Workouts with PT Paddles

PT Paddles help enhance your feel in the water by using a unique shape that deflects water away from the hand, heightening the body’s senses. Your hands will seem to slip through the water when you put the PT Paddles on, forcing you to use your forearms, legs, and core to produce propulsion. When you take the PT Paddles off, you will find your feel and catch for the water to be greatly enhanced.

Here are a few sample sets to maximize this effect in your training:

Warmup Set

      • 50m catch-up freestyle drill, concentrating on a high elbow and continuous pull
      • 50m normal freestyle swimming
  • Swim 600-800 yards with the PT Paddles 

      • Just let the body “feel” as you swim. Enjoy the big hands sensation and glide through the water.
  • Remove the paddles and swim a steady 200 

Power Work-Out

      • Swim at a steady, controlled pace. Feel free to mix drills and normal swimming.
  • Swim 400-600 yards with the PT Paddles 

      • Max Speed!!
      • Keep the reps short in the beginning until you can hold the feeling of “huge-hands” throughout the interval.
      • Put the paddles on again and repeat as desired
  • Quickly remove the paddles and perform 2 x 25, 2 x 50, or 2 x 100 repeats