Small Finger Paddles & Freestyle/Front Paddles

Brought to you by the Staff of Aquaventure Swim Centre, Vancouver BC

A Message from the “Head Fishtress”

I started Aquaventures in 1984. My purpose was to offer the finest aquatic education for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers by providing warm water, excellent instruction and a well-defined program of skills using creative equiptment. Today, this concept has grown to include students of all ages and abilities. We continue to enjoy success by providing the finest lessons and because we truly teach people to love the water for a lifetime!

-Sharron Crowley


  • Designed to enhance stroke sensory awareness and strengthen forearm muscle development for proper technique.
  • Paddles facilitate how your hands should move in the water.

How to use:

  • The Small Finger Paddles cover all fingers, but not the palm of the hand.
  • The Full Hand Paddles cover all fingers including the palm of the hand.
  • Ensure that the swimmers keep their wrists in line with their forearm and that they don’t “break” at the wrist.
  • Ensure that they swimmers do not cup their hands while using the finger paddles.

When to use:

  • Front crawl arm drills – small finger paddles and full hand paddles.
  • Back crawl arm drills – small finger paddles and full hand paddles.
  • Breaststroke pull – full hand paddles.
  • Elementary backstroke pull – small finger paddles
  • Anywhere to demonstrate how the water should be moved with the hands/arms.



Sculling/Finger Paddles

  • Front crawl –Intermediate levels, able to angle paddle for proper entry. For more advanced levels, can use with fins or pull buoy
  • Back crawl – Advanced level – if a child needs more assistance use fins for more support
  • Sculling – insweep and outsweep – to get a feel for the water. Make sure hand is flat and not cupped.
  • Elementary backstroke pull – Advanced swimmers in order to explain the proper way of directing the paddles to reduce resistance.

Freestyle/Front Crawl Paddles

  • Full stroke front crawl – Intermediate levels and above.
  • Single arm front crawl – Advanced levels and above