Suggested Sets with the Turnmaster Pro

We introduced the Turnmaster Pro last fall, and have seen the versatile piece of pool equipment become an overnight success. Teams in Australia, Europe, and the US are putting in the Turnmaster Pro to maximize their pool space and improve their turn training.

Here are just a few Turnmaster Pro sets that coaches have told us about:

  • Set the Turnmaster Pro at 15m or 12.5m
    • Run timed sprint sets from the blocks
  • 4 x 200’s IM
    • Put the Turnmaster Pro at mid-pool, creating  4 ‘lengths’ of each stroke
    • Only allowed 1 stroke for Fly and Breast per length
    • Only allowed 2 strokes for Back and Free per length
    • Maintain good speed & distance underwater
  • Set the Turnmaster Pro at 7.5m
    • Roll through continuous back and forth turns
    • Hit 5 perfect turns in a row before stopping
  • 50 yard IM’s!
    • Set the Turnmaster at mid-pool
    • Little kids don’t need to do a 25 Fly
  • 5 x 300’s @ 5 or 6 minutes

Set the Turnmaster at 15 meters

  • Take the 400m age-group record and divide by 4
  • Then multiply by 3 to get the goal 300 time
  • Swimmers must stay below the record goal time
  • 19 turns each 300
  • Works the core

Legendary coach Jack Simon did the last set with the C.S. national team distance camp only he made them stay below world record pace. They were doubled over the next day. That is how you practice turns!