Using the Swimmer’s Snorkel and Cardio Cap

I first started using the Swimmer’s Snorkel during my time on the Western Kentucky University varsity swim team, where we used our snorkels for almost every practice. It serves as a great tool for doing drills and sidekick, as it has allowed for me to be able to focus on the drills and my technique without the distraction of breathing. In addition, it is a great tool to practice better rotation, as it challenges the swimmer to get full rotation without the aid of the body roll that comes from side to side breathing.

During my sophomore year, in preparation for our conference meet in the high-altitude city of Denver, Colorado,  my coach added the Cardio Cap Attachment to our snorkels the first day of’ practice, and later we used athletic tape to tape off about half of the remaining opening to simulate the “out of breath” feeling from swimming in altitude. We arrived in Denver feeling confident about our training; we were unfazed by the home team’s perceived advantage. I swam extremely fast that year, setting personal bests that still stand. I’ve never taken the cap off since (although I must admit the tape came off pretty quickly)!

-Mallory Mead
Open Water Marathon Swimmer
Indianapolis, Indiana