Swimsense Page-by-Page Help

We are pleased to introduce a new feature to the online Swimsense Training Log. The Page-by-Page help discreetly adds pull-tabs to each page, giving users instant “help” access.

After you log into your Swimsense training log account, look towards the right side of the screen to see two new tabs. Clicking on one of the tabs reveals new content about the page. Clicking outside of the tab will close it without affecting the current page.

  • The HELP tab goes through some frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about the page you are currently viewing.
  • The TIP tab gives some general advice about how to navigate and interpret the current page. The TIP will also point out any new features that we may have implemented on that page.

Both the HELP and TIP tabs may have multiple FAQ’s or tips associated with each, so be sure to click to the next arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the pulled tab to see more content. If you still need more information, then click the “Need More Help?” link in the bottom right-hand corner to be taken directly to our Support Center portal.

Overall, the new tabs will help you better navigate and understand your Swimsense Training Log. Whenever you get “stuck”, pull one of the tabs to reveal a helpful reminder. Be sure to check the HELP and TIP tabs often as we will regularly update the content with any new features, FAQ’s, walk-through videos, etc.