Swimsense® Update to the Beta Firmware

Thanks to all the Swimsense® beta users who have tested and provided feedback about the new Custom Screen firmware that we released on December 13 . With your comments we have just released an update to the beta firmare (version with some key fixes:

  • Workout Date Fix:  the watch was creating workouts one day ahead (this was a leap year issue)
  • Lock-ups:  some users were experiencing lock-ups while swimming.
  • Workout Pace:  the overall pace for the workout was not displayed.

If you are already a beta user, you will be prompted to upgrade once you log into the Swimsense® Bridge. If you would like to become a beta tester, you can do so by selecting “Participate in Beta Updates” under the “Firmware Updates” menu.

UPDATE 3/7/2012: We have gone through a few other iterations of the beta firmware to get rid of some bugs. The new firmware is now available to beta participants in the Swimsense Bridge.

Enjoy your Swimsense®!