The Development behind the New Zoomers Gold

We have alluded to it earlier and it’s time to unveil the Zoomers Gold! The new short-blade fin goes well beyond a simple color change as we have improved the overall comfort and performance. For a better understanding of the improvements, here is a quick story from the product development perspective…

Over the past several years, we have listened to swimmers and coaches from around the world about their training fins. We have also sought out podiatrists (foot doctors), design engineers, and even physics professors to help us better understand the mechanics of the foot as a swimmer kicks. We found that the original Zoomers already work extremely well in the water, with the main drawback being comfort against the foot.

So we set down a path to make the Zoomers more comfortable without sacrificing the overall performance and function of the fin. Now this is not an easy task since the hardness of the rubber is very delicate. If we make the fin too soft in some areas then it essentially becomes a floppy sock with no propulsion. We essentially had to start from scratch, building and testing new prototypes to determine not only the correct durometer (fancy word for ‘hardness’) to use, but also the correct placement.

I won’t go into the specifics of the formula we ended up with (hey we got to protect ourselves somehow right). But I can generally say that the area around the foot is the softest it has ever been, while the blade maintains a stiffness that is ideal for all training levels. The ‘magic’ occurs as the swimmer kicks and the leg power is seamlessly transferred to the blade tips, creating a fluid and natural propulsion through the water.

In sum, the new Zoomers Gold maintains the high-performance functionality that you would expect from the Zoomers short-blade training fins, but it has been altered to also provide superior comfort. Simply touching the surface of the new fin will put any foot-blister concerns to rest. And the best part is that the Zoomers Gold is ideal for all levels of swimming, from beginner to elite. Grab yourself a pair today!