TrainingPeaks Integration

We are happy to announce that the Swimsense Training Log is now integrated with TrainingPeaks™.  In this post, I will provide an overview of how to export your Swimsense™ workouts to your TrainingPeaks™ account.

To start, we’ll assume that you have already registered for a Swimsense™ account and that you have downloaded the Swimsense Bridge.  Once logged in, click on  “Update Account” under the “My Account” menu item.  Then click on the “Data Sharing” tab.  On this tab, you will see the current log providers we are working on integrating with.  You will also notice that the TrainingPeaks option is the only option enabled at this point.

To enable exporting of your workouts, you must enter your TrainingPeaks™ username and password in the appropriate fields.  To test that you have entered the credentials correctly, you can click on the validate button.  If the credentials are recognized, you will see a successful athentication message (see below image).

TrainingPeaks Integration - Account Update

Once you have successfully authenticated, you can select the check box next to the TrainingPeaks logo.  Selecting the checkbox will result in all your workouts being exported to TrainingPeaks™ automatically during the upload process.  For example, if you have five workouts on your watch and the automatic export option is selected (as it is above), then all five workouts will be exported to TrainingPeaks during the upload from the Swimsense Bridge.

If you prefer to export your workouts one at a time (perhaps you want to export only certain workouts), then leave the checkbox unchecked.  Then navigate to the workout details page for the workout you’d like to export and click on the TrainingPeaks logo at the bottom of the page.  This will pop-up a window allowing you to enter or modify a comment for this workout prior to the export.

Workout Export Window

Workout Export Window

One you’ve entered a comment (if you choose to), click the export button to finish the export to TrainingPeaks.  You can always identify a workout as being exported if the standard TrainingPeaks icon has a green checkmark next to it.

TP Export Icons

TrainingPeaks Export Icons

You will also notice several other icons at the bottom of the workout details page that provide some insight into what we have planned for the future.  Stay tuned for integration with other online log providers including BeginnerTriathlete, SportTracks, and 2Peak.

- John Anthony
Co-Founder of SportSense