3 Questions about the Swimsense™ – A Sneak Preview into What Else is Coming

1. Technically, I understand the types of sensors used, but how does the Swimsense™ recognize strokes? Is it simply programmed that a certain series of sensor readings in the right pattern constitute a specific stroke type? If so, how many different stroke patterns is the stroke recognition based on?

Good questions. This is the heart of what we do: developing robust algorithms that translate human motion into information. The challenge for our Swimsense™ device is to build a set of algorithms that work across the widest variety of swimmers. Building an algorithm that works for an individual swimmer is relatively easy, but building algorithms for certain types of swimmers (e.g. competitive swimmers) is difficult. However, none of this is nearly as challenging as building algorithms that work for every type of swimmer.

The Swimsense™ also goes one big step further than just counting strokes (which can be simply described as identifying periodic movements that repeat). We have created algorithms that capture the signature of each stroke type (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly).  We believe this is an important and differentiating feature that will allow us to build more insight into a swimmer’s performance.

There are rare cases when the Swimsense™ may misinterpret someone’s freestyle as butterfly, for example, but we have built a powerful test-and-learn environment that allows us to continually improve the algorithms and make them available in the form of software updates.  So the Swimsense™ will only get better as we continue to collect more data from Swimsense™ users.

2. Are there other app upgrades planned in the near future?

Yes . There is a robust roadmap that we have planned for Swimsense™ and we are working hard to bring new features to the Swimsense™ platform. We purposely spent extra engineering time to create an end-to-end platform that is fully updatable and easy to update. This is why, for example, we chose to develop the Swimsense™ Bridge in Adobe Air’s environment. It is arguably one of the best cross-platform technologies to build Rich Internet Applications. We also feel strongly that anyone who spends more than $100 on a performance monitor should expect and receive a flexible system that can take new updates (and fixes) at no cost to the user.

I cannot go into a lot of details on future capabilities at this point, but here is a sneak preview of what we are working on right now:

  • Increase the swim (and non-swim) time that the Swimsense™ will last on a single charge
  • Building a page-by-page help system for the online Training Log
  • Building an integration capability with TrainingPeaks and other training log providers
  • Building a new feature that will drastically improve how you can swim with the Swimsense™.
  • and more…

3. What’s the expected completion date for the integration with TrainingPeaks?

We are on target for a release sometime next week (the week of January, 24).