Lara Jackson Boxing Her Way Towards Trials

Running, lifting, yoga, pilates, and…boxing? Cross training is a part of almost every Olympic hopefuls training regimen and FINIS’ Lara Jackson chooses boxing as her cross training activity. Lara is a firm believer that boxing is a great cross fit activity that will help her along her journey to the 2012 London Olympics. Here is what she has to say about this high-intensity activity.

What type of boxing do you do?

I mainly do regular boxing but have been experimenting with Muay Thai


How often do you box and where?

I box twice a week now at Boxing Inc. in Tucson Arizona


What boxing equipment do you use?

I personally own my own hand wraps and boxing gloves, mostly because sharing would be disgusting :)  But at the gym we hit the heavy bags.  We use shields and mitts to practice boxing technique.  Boxing does include a lot of dry land type training, so we use med balls, ladders and boxes for some of our circuits.


What do you like most about boxing?

I love boxing because it is very physical and aggressive.  The main thing it helps me with is my mind.  When you’ve been swimming this long, it’s good to find new and interesting ways to be fit.  I have never really done anything like it before so it’s fresh for me.  Also, I have been a fight fan for a long time, and it’s interesting to me to take something I love to watch and try to do it myself.  Makes you realize how hard these fighters work and you respect the sport more.


How does it help your swimming?

Boxing is a great way to be physically fit.  My cardio has never been better than it is right now due to boxing.  But mostly how boxing benefits me is that it allows me to work out in an atmosphere where swimming does not exist.  I like to get away from it sometimes.  I think that it helps me to be excited about swimming when I am at the pool instead of getting burned out on it.


Boxing is an activity that, much like swimming, works almost every muscle in your body and even incorporates both anaerobic and aerobic training. So if you are in the mood to change up your training routine, boxing could be just the break from a swim workout that you need.


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