Congratulations to the RCP Tiburon Wahines and Luane Rowe

The RCP Tiburon Wahines placed first in the woman’s division of the Maui Channel Swim with a time of 4.17.34. The team consisted of Luane Rowe (AUS), Stephanie Rebro ( USA), Kathryn Taylor (USA), Haydn Maclean (ENG), Christina Boring (USA) and Kate Perry (USA). With the roughest water in five years, this competition was plagued with bad luck. The competition was first delayed due to the choppy water and one boat sank while another became lodged on the reef on the way over. Partway into the swim one team had to pull their swimmer out of the water for ten minutes as a tiger shark was tailing them.

“Situations with sharks happen rarely so there aren’t rules for it, so we kept going. We were radioed about the possible danger and for all swimmers to be cautious. Overall we had a great time and really didn’t know of all the stuff that was going on until after the race.” according to Luane Rowe.

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On Labor Day, Luane Rowe competed independently in the 2.348-mile Waikiki Roughwater Swim to claim her fourth straight title with a time of 49:06. Australian swimmers dominated, placing top 3 in both the male and female elite category.

“The water was great for this competition,” according to Luane, “it was flat with a current that helped us all the way. I felt good over all, and the race went quickly.  My plan was to stick with the guys throughout the race, we had a tight pack the entire time. Eventually one of the boys made a break for it and I went with him. I think that was the best tactical decision I could have made.”

Luane and team sported the Hydrospeed Velo tech suit.

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