Keeping Your Training Up While Traveling

I recently spent time in five different states over a three week period.  While the timing of my travel was very poor, as I am currently one month out from one of the longest marathon swims of my career, I was determined to make it work.  Here are some tips on how to keep your training up while you are on the road.

  1. Plan Ahead - Structure your training schedule the week or so before you travel so that your recovery days fall on days you know you won’t be able to make it to the pool.

  1. Do your Research - Spend some time surfing the internet for pools in the area you will be be traveling to, and make a calendar that lists available practice and lap swim times. Gather up as many options as you can for flexibility.  Also, don’t forget to check on admittance requirements (such as fees, guest policy for gyms and universities, etc.

  1. Bring your Tools - For those “less than ideal” situations, it isn’t a bad idea to pack a watch, stationary cords, and some dryland cords. Some pools won’t have pace clocks, so having a watch or Swimsense on hand will help you keep track of intervals. If the only pool you can find is a hotel pool, tether yourself down and you can still get a decent workout in without doing a flip turn every 15 yards.  Also keep in mind that cross training is better than nothing, so pack those running shoes, and strengthen those swimming muscles with stretch cords.

  1. Stay Focused - plan as far ahead as you can as to when you are going to get your swim in, and the earlier the better!  Waiting until the end of the day increases the chances that life (or decreased motivation) will get in the way of your workout.

Happy (mobile) Swimming!

- Mallory Mead
Open Water Marathon Swimmer
Indianapolis, IN