FINIS Swimmers on a Roll

A Great Weekend in Swimming for FINIS

From Livermore, CA to the Cayman Islands, FINIS had a very successful swim weekend. It first started off in Livermore, CA at Del Valle Open Water Festival where the weather conditions were beautiful with the water a comfortable 68 degrees.

FINIS blogger, Mallory Mead started off the event right by posting a solid 2:21:28.10 in the 10K event winning her age group division and finishing an impressive 5th overall. While on day 2, FINIS’ Marketing team showed up ready to race the .75 and 2.5K. Vicki Espiritu took 1st place in both events in her age group, while Elisa Torres finished 3rd in her age group for the 2.5K.

While on the other side of the country you could have found FINIS open water extraordinaire, Luane Rowe ready to take down the competition at the 2012 Flowers Sea Swim. This amazing charity event was held in the crystal clear blue waters of the Cayman Islands with over 900 racers.  Even with the great competition, Luane finished 1st winning her another trip back to the Cayman Islands for the 2013 Flowers Sea Swim.

Here is the link to Luane’s winning route along the beach of the Caymen Islands with the Hydro Tracker GPS


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