Edit Workout Functionality Now Available for Swimsense® Training Log

A new functionality has been added to the free Swimsense® Training Log at Swimsense.com. Users are now able to edit some of the workout data that appears in the workout timeline. By editing, the cumulative results will be more accurate, and the incorrect data will be tagged so that we can make global improvements to our stroke algorithms.

Firstly, users are able to edit the stroke type. If a particular length was misinterpreted as freestyle instead of butterfly, then just right-click that length and edit the stroke type. The resulting charts and stats will automatically be regenerated and the data will be tagged in red to demarcate a manual adjustment.

Secondly, users can also edit the stroke count. Simply right-click a length or interval to adjust the stroke count for that practice segment. Remember the Swimsense defines a “stroke” as a complete stroke cycle, or one complete revolution of both the right and left arm.

Note that changing the stroke count or stroke type for an interval will result in all the lengths of that interval following the same stroke or stroke type.

We will look to expand this edit functionality in the future, but in the meantime, please feel free to use it as much as possible. Not only will it help present more accurate stats, but it will help our team see the inconsistencies in our stroke algorithms so that we can make improvements later on.

 -Mark Stephens