New iiM Swimsense® Firmware – Prerelease

The Swimsense performance monitor is now capable of automatically recognizing intervals and rest time. “Interval Inference Mode” (iiM) automatically senses when you finish an interval and are resting at the wall. You can now swim continuously from start to finish without hitting the pause button in between.

We aren’t releasing a new watch, rather a new firmware update to your current device.  The update will let you take advantage of the new algorithms.

iiM is being pre-launched under the “Beta Participation” feature on the Swimsense Bridge and will be available later today. Be the first to update your watch with iiM so you can take advantage of the new algorithms. With your feedback we will be able to make any minor improvements to iiM before launching the new algorithms to everyone!

Click on the two links below to learn how to configure and use iiM

Enjoy the new iiM!

UPDATE: The Firmware is now released on the Beta Participation side of the Swimsense Bridge!

- Mark