New Swimsense Firmware (v1.0.1.5) Released

Working closely with our partner SportSense, we are pleased to release a new update for the Swimsense watch.  This update (and any future update) is compatible with all Swimsense devices. So even if you bought you device 3 months ago, you will always have the latest and greatest features. Simply connect your watch to your MAC or PC and launch the Swimense Bridge application. You will automatically be prompted to update your Swimsense with the new firmware.

Here is a breakdown of the new updates in v1.0.1.5:

  • Continuous Save

Never lose your workout information. Even if the battery dies during your swim, the device will auto-save your data.

  • Improved Stroke Rate Calculation

Our previous Stroke Rate calculation included the time that you spent pushing off the wall, before you started stroking. By eliminating this ‘non-stroking’ time, we can calculate a more accurate Stroke Rate.

  • 24 Hour Clock

You now have the option to set the watch clock for AM/PM or 24 hour

  • Miscellaneous Features & Bug Fixes
    • Fixed random buzzer bug that occurred when clearing watch
    • Adjusted ready-to-swim display to properly read as ‘meters’ when device is configured to meters
    • Fixed issue where watch does not save weight setting when set in KG
    • Removed the charge symbol from the battery icon after disconnecting the device from a USB wall charger
    • Removed the rest time from the Interval History display
    • Made it so you can now increment your Age and Weight configurations by units of 1 rather than by units of 5

We are also scheduled to release another firmware update soon which will improve the battery life of the Swimsense. Today the watch supports 4 hours of swimming use and 20 hours of non-swimming use on a single charge. Our intent with the new update is to double these hours.

Keep tuned to the FINIS Blog where you can learn about other new Swimsense updates like how to export data or integrate with TrainingPeaks.

- Mark