Now Available Swimsense® iiM

What is iiM?

Interval Inference Mode (iiM) is a free update for the Swimsense® performance monitor. With iiM you don’t have to manually press the “pause” button while swimming. Simply press START at the beginning of your workout and STOP at the end. All intervals and rest periods will be inferred and recorded automatically, along with all the other standard Swimsense® metrics (distance, stroke type, splits, stroke count, DPS, stroke rate, SWOLF, etc.)

iiM has been built to recognize good swimming technique. If you swim sloppy and have poor turns and streamlines, then iiM would not work well for you. As a result, iiM is similar to other FINIS products in that it encourages good swimming technique, form, and fundamentals.

How do I get iiM?

We aren’t releasing a new device, rather a new firmware update to the current Swimsense® performance monitor. The free update is compatible with all new and old Swimsense® devices. Think of it as upgrading your phone software. Simply update your firmware to get iiM:

  • Step 1. Dock your Swimsense® Performance Monitor to your MAC or PC
  • Step 2. Open the Swimsense® Bridge software program on your computer. This is the software that uploads your workouts from the watch to the online training log.
  • Step 3. The software will automatically check to see if you have the latest firmware update. If a new update is available, text will appear for you to upgrade to the latest firmware. Follow the onscreen instructions

How do I use iiM?

Once your watch is updated, be sure to turn the Automatic Interval setting “ON” in the configuration settings of your Swimsense® performance monitor.

While swimming, using iiM is easy because you don’t have to think about it. Press the START button when you are ready to go and STOP at the conclusion of your workout.

We have outlined these rules to get the most accurate readings of iiM:

o   Rule 1: Push Off Strong – Try to push off and streamline for at least 2 seconds on each wall

o   Rule 2: Finish Strong – Even if you aren’t finishing your interval with your Swimsense arm, it is still important to have a good finish into the wall so that the time can be accurate. Just like a coach, the Swimsense is now timing your intervals, so you better not finish short!

o   Rule 3: Be Still Between Intervals – After a few seconds of non-swimming, the screen will automatically pause and invert when you are resting. However, you should try and stay as still as possible so that excess motion isn’t confused for swimming. A suggestion would be to put your Swimsense hand or wrist on the wall to hold it still.

o   Rule 4: Have At Least 3-5 Seconds Rest Between Intervals – The Swimsense needs this time of stillness between intervals to know that you have stopped swimming. Otherwise it will think you are just doing a very slow turn.

o   Rule 5: Press STOP Before Drill or Kick Sets – Be sure to STOP the device before drill or kicking sets and then put it back in SWIM mode when you are ready to swim again.

Know that the iiM can’t read your mind and the watch will not know that you aren’t swimming if you are waving your arms around while resting. It is important that users are sensitive to these expectations.

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