New Beta-Testing Now Available for Swimsense – *Updated

**UPDATE (7/18/2011)**
Today we have released the next beta firmware version ( Thanks to the feedback from over 140 Beta users so far, we solved the workout dates issue quickly and effectively.

A new “beta” version of the Swimsense® firmware is now available ( This newbeta not only looks to improve the Swimsense® algorithms, but it also marks the beginning of our Beta-Participation functionality. Within the Swimsense® Bridge users can opt in by checking the option underneath the “Firmware Updates” menu tab.

  • Beta releases are software updates that contain new functionality and have been tested but may still contain small bugs.  As a beta tester, you can help us identify issues that need to be resolved before making the new functionality available to everyone.
  • When you become a beta participant, the Swimsense Bridge will automatically look for new beta releases and updates each time it is started.
  • As a beta user, you can help us (and other users) by providing frequent and clear feedback.  Good or bad, we want to hear from you on how the new release is working. Simply click on the “Beta Participant” button which will appear once you download a beta release.