Swimsense™: Using Paddles to Make Even More Sense of It

Round #2: Pacing

Right! Last time we interacted, I had done 30 x 100m swim repeats on 1:30 as a warm-up a few days prior to a 70.3 event. The idea was to show you guys and girls the importance of pacing, especially when you’re training for an open water triathlon swim. To improve your times and be successful during the swim leg, your pacing needs to be exact and the only way you get that right is by spending time in the pool. This is where the Swimsense™ comes into play as an invaluable tool when looking at pace per interval/per repeat.

I did a little experimenting with the Freestyler paddles the other day. I did the same workout on the same time schedule but decided to use the Freestylers instead of normal swimming, just to see what differences would arise. Results were pretty impressive and surely show how the Freestyler paddles lengthen ones stroke technique. I have compared 4 screenshots below.

Graph A

Graph B

Graph A depicts my average pace per 100m repeats using the same type of workout but while also using the Freestyler paddles. The graph line is almost 100% straight except for only 4 repeats where my concentration levels obviously waivered. You match that up to Graph B (the results from my last posting on pacing) and the evidence clearly shows that the longer my stroke reach (using Freestylers) the better my pace will be.

Graph C

Graph D

Graph C depicts my average stroke rate per 100m repeat. If we compare it to Graph D, the evidence again clearly shows that the Freestyler paddles do indeed lengthen one’s stroke. My stroke rate has dropped from an average of 10 (Graph D) down to an average of 8 (Graph C). This shows that my swim efficiency is a whole whack better when I swim with the Freestyler paddles as opposed to swimming without.

Final Analysis

Okay, I have compared 4 graphs using two different methods for the same swim repeat program. It (the Swimsense) tells me that the longer my stroke reach (training with the Freestylers first and then keeping that stroke reach without) the better my average pace will be and the more efficient I will swim. So, the Swimsense has performed an invaluable task by actually showing the huge difference between a longer stroke reach as opposed to a shorter less efficient one.

Bottom line. Swimsense is a magical tool and if used as part of any triathlete’s arsenal of weapons, you are definitely going to notice improvements in your swim performances.

Now I am off to try something else with my Swimsense. I will keep you posted.

- Glen