Laurie Hug: FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro

Laurie HugAbout four years ago, I purchased a FINIS Tempo Trainer and immediately loved the product. I started using it during solo training sessions where I found I was able to stay more focused and keep up with more difficult intervals. Setting it to beep every 18 seconds was the next best thing to having one of my training buddies swimming in the next lane keeping me on pace. I also enjoyed playing around with different stroke rates and finding which setting resulted in the fastest times.

Next I brought it to my high school team where I used it on swimmers whose stroke rates were slowing down during long sets. It was amazing to see how much faster some kids could go when trying to keep up with the beep.

The original Tempo Trainer was not perfect though and it had room for improvement. The three main issues I had with it were:

  • It wasn’t easy to switch from the tempo mode to the timing mode.
  • You couldn’t change the battery (and for something that retailed at around $35-$40 it wasn’t an inexpensive replacement).
  • The tempo mode was set for seconds per stroke cycle rather than stroke cycles per minute and I was more interested in the latter.

TT ProThe FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro solved all of these problems! There now is a mode button where the user can easily move from the timing mode to the seconds per cycle mode (found on the original Tempo Trainer) as well to as a new strokes per minute mode. This one change addressed two of my concerns in one shot! And now it allows the user to change the battery. It does costs about $10 more but is well worth higher price.

Laurie Hug is a USAT Level 2 triathlon and Level 3 USMS swimming coach who has an impressive athletic talent of her own. Laurie has earned 344 individual and 36 relay top-ten finishes in US Masters Swimming since 1989. She also swam for the Univ. of Maryland during her undergraduate studies and set four school records (400IM, 500free, 1000free, 1650free). Laurie has also been a professional triathlete (1999-2009) and became a member of the USAT National Team in 2003.

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