The Balancing Act; Between Career & Training

A task that presents new challenges on a daily basis. But show it no fear, it can be done.

Whether your reaching the top of your sport, or you’re the weekend warrior, you must develop time management skills.

As a swimmer we are used to practice times remaining the same week-end and week-out; year after year.

But if your’re the fly by the seat of your pants kind person, your “balancing act” may need to find some kind of structure.

First-look at your week ahead on Saturday. I like to envision mine in my head, that way when Sunday comes I am ready to pencil things into a daily agenda.

In my field of work, as a sports broadcaster at Bright House Sports Network it changes week to week. So, first I look at my busiest days.

On my busy days, I ask myself “what kind of time I have to get in a workout?” Is it dry land or swim?

Then, I move to my days I can really grind it. If I can manage a double workout, I steal it.

At the same time you’re planning your workouts, make it a point to do the same with your food. Pre-prepped meals make it a no-brainer at the end of a long day of work and workouts.

This will also save you from making unhealthy selection. And when you’re choosing the right nutrition your body recovers faster and your sleeping habits become more efficient.

But what I find to be key in the process of balancing it all, don’t beat yourself up over a missed workout. I don’t plan my day off from a workout, I let the week and my body tells me. It could mean a 10-15 day cycle of workouts. But then I’ve also had those weeks where it seems no routine can catch a rhythm.

Use your weekends as the opportunity to make-up or squeeze in another workout.

Repeat to yourself-
Because I have a plan it makes easier to do it, don’t over think it. If I dream it, I can accomplish it!

Brooke “waterbabi” Bennett