Workout Wednesday: Blossom into a Better Swimmer

Warm-up: 1200 (repeat below twice)

400 free breathing every 3
200 drill by 50′s; finger tip drag drill- (concentrate on high elbow) & Six kick side drill- (long smooth, extenuate rotation of hips, finish pull all the way)

Kick/skull (4 rounds)

2×75 kick :10 seconds rest
2×50 skull :10 seconds rest
2×25 sprint :10 seconds rest

100 EZ swim

4×200 IM :25 seconds rest

Odd- drill (follow below)
Fly- 4 strokes right arm, 4 left arm, 4 full
Back- 2 strokes right arm, 2 left arm, 4 full (thumb exits water 1st, pinky enters 1st)
Breast- 1 pull, 2 breast kick
Free- catch up drill, with a 6 beat kick

Even- SWIM perfect stroke

100 EZ swim

8×75 :15 seconds rest
(4-free, 4-stroke)

Odd- DPS, strong swim/good stroke/DPS by 25′s
Even-strong swim, DPS,strong swim by 25′s

100 EZ swim

Total= 4,100 yards