2013 Red Dot Award, FINIS Agility Paddles

Livermore, CA – (April 3, 2013) The innovative swim company, FINIS, impressed a 37-member jury of design experts with their new strapless Agility Paddles to receive the “red dot award: product design 2013”. The “red dot” is a coveted recognition for high design quality. The international jury only awards this sought-after seal of quality to products that set themselves apart significantly from comparable products because of excellent design. The jury members received 4,662 entries in 19 different categories in this year’s competition, and the Agility Paddles came out an award winner.

The international awards ceremony for the seal of quality will take place on July 1, 2013 as part of the traditional red dot gala. The ceremony – held in Essen’s opera house, the impressive Aalto Theatre – has become established as a celebratory ceremony with innovators, designers and guests attending from around the world. The Agility Paddles will be put on display at the ceremony and during a four-week special exhibition in the red dot design museum.red dot

The strapless Agility Paddles help swimmers maintain proper fundamental hand placement during all four swim strokes. The convex design teaches proper palm positive hand position by encouraging the swimmer to have an early catch. The paddle will only remain in place if the swimmer maintains traction with the water, thus creating more propulsion and maximum efficiency.

Professor Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of the red dot, has pointed out that strong design competence and economic success go hand in hand: “The winners of the ‘red dot award: product design 2013’ are the protagonists of a highly developed design culture and design industry. These days it is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish between well-designed products. It is often only in the details that the special qualities become apparent. However, those product creations that pass the test before the critical eyes of the international red dot jury will not disappear into the crowd and will be able to fend off global competition.”

Mark Stephens, VP of Product Development at FINIS, commented on the special red dot recognition and said, “We are thrilled and excited that the Agility Paddles received the ‘red dot’ award. Our goal is to develop unique products with a keen design edge, and we had to make many versions of the Agility Paddles before we were content with the design. The ‘red dot’ is a recognition of our detailed efforts.”