FINIS Launches the New Streamline Log

Livermore, CA – (December, 21 2012) FINIS, a world leader in technical swimming products that maximize your fitness potential and technique, announces the immediate upgrade of the Swimsense Performance Monitor online training log. The new Streamline Training Log is now integrated with more user-friendly features and layouts, making it easier for users to review and visualize their workout results. The new look and feel also mirrors the current FINIS website and branding material. Swimsense-Scene-LR

The FINIS development team has been working hard the past few months to integrate the Swimsense Log into the new Streamline Training Log. Like the name implies, the new log is more streamlined and easier to navigate. FINIS has also setup a better dashboard and improved the timeline & graphs of the Swimsense workouts. The improved log includes many other notable features:

  • Users will experience a whole new look with improved charts that make the workout data easier to read and understand
  • Swimmers can edit their workouts and manually enter kick and drill portions of their swim
  • Split-times, rest times, and global averages can be more easily read and understood at a glance
  • Users will see a revised dashboard that shows recent workout results and compares them instantly to their lifetime averages
  • The Log also boasts a revamped “Goals” functionality, encouraging users to set their aim high and strive to reach it

The new Streamline Log is also compatible with the Hydro Tracker GPS. FINIS customers, who have both the Swimsense and the Hydro Tracker GPS will be able to view both their pool and open-water workouts in one place.

Current Swimsense users will be need to download a new Swimsense bridge so that their workouts will be uploaded correctly to the new Streamline Training log. Log into the Streamline log with the same email and password that you used on the old training log. Set goals, review workouts, share, and more!

To access the Streamline Training Log, visit