FINIS “Why Swim” video

Why swim? We all make the trip to the pool for a slightly different reason. Whether you swim for fitness or to escape, we all agree that there is something special about the water. No other sport will leave you feeling as satisfied and as peaceful as swimming.

FINIS is a brand that understands what it means to be a swimmer. Whether you are an Olympic athlete or a weekend warrior we have the tools and the experience to make your swimming experience a memorable one. Thank you for helping us achieve twenty years of business – we would not have grown without your support. From the Monofin and the Snorkel to the SwiMP3, it has been an amazing journey thus far. FINIS is committed to being a part of your every trip to the pool and we would love to know, #whyswim?

Why Swim video

Music credit:
“Gentle Marimba” by Alastair Cameron
Gentle Marimba (Alastair Cameron) / CC BY 3.0