Gary Hall: Swimming Myths Debunked (10)

Ten Swimming Myths Busted

Myth #10: The Race Club is only meant for sprinters

I admit that at the Olympic level, nearly all of our success has been with sprinters. That is because our former coach, Mike Bottom (currently head coach at University of Michigan), is one of the best sprint coaches in the world.

But we understand swimming, all swimming: sprints, mid-distance, distance, open water and triathlon OW. We also understand strength training, mental training, nutrition and recovery are all parts of the important formula for success.


We believe that there is not one single technique that works best for every swimmer. We also believe every swimmer needs to have more than one technique for any stroke, depending on the swimmer’s strengths, the distance, the conditions, etc.

There are, however, certain fundamentals of swimming that apply to everyone and cannot be ignored. In fact, they need to be understood in order to become a better swimmer. I have covered many of these fundamentals throughout these 10 myths that I have tried to bust.

They are also covered in our DVD‘s, Three Styles of Freestyle, Fundamentals of Fast Swimming, and Life is Worth Swimming.We are currently working on a series of Webisodes that will be featured soon on about safety in Open Water competition as well as tips on getting the edge in Open Water.

Thank you for following me on my quest to bust some pretty serious myths in swimming. At the very least, I hope I have helped you become a better swimmer or coach in the process.

Yours in Swimming,

Gary Sr.