As swimmers, we are all too often poked fun of because of what we do. The time we devote, the miles we train… All for that moment of glory. I would like to share this poem with you, because now I don’t have to explain why I do what I do, to achieve GREATNESS.

We smell like chlorine
Most of the time
It’s morning practice again
But, no, I don’t whine

Watch the clock counting down
Through another long set
I was told this was fun
Well, it isn’t fun yet

But when you get to the meet
And the adrenaline is pumping
You step up on the block
And your heart’s just a-thumping

All of the work
And all the repetition
Comes down to this moment
Comes down to one mission

First to the wall
When the pad, it is touched
An incredible rush

You turn and you look
And on that scoreboard
A one next to your name
And you think ‘Thank you, Lord!’

I did it this time
I love this darn sport
Though we don’t have a ball
And we don’t have a court

We just have lane lines
We just have our pools
But when you get up on those blocks
You know this sport rules!

~From the poetic mind of a great friend and coach Scot Wiess.

About Wiess: He is an inventor and entrepreneur. A former age group coach and now masters swimmer on Blu Frog. Wiess was on two USMS world record relays and is passionate about the water. Weiss patented ‘Parachute Skimmer’, a pool and water cleaning tool. And in his spare time a “closet poet” :)

-Brooke Bennett