In the FINIS Office: Ben Lecomte

We were very fortunate to have Ben Lecomte come to the FINIS office today. Ben currently holds the World Record for the longest swim in history, when in 1998 he swam from the East coast of the United States over to France. As if crossing the Atlantic Ocean wasn’t enough, Ben now has his sights set on crossing the Pacific Ocean – a 5,500 mile, 5 month journey from Tokyo, Japan to San Francisco, CA. He is originally from France, although Ben currently lives in the state of Texas and is a United States citizen.

Ben will swim for eight hours a day during his 5 month journey, splitting it up into two 4 hour shifts. He will use state-of-the-art GPS tracking to ensure that he begins from the correct location each day and also to keep in touch with his wife and children at home during his absence.

Ben is obviously an extremely unique class of swimmer but there are a few other things that make him distinctive. First and foremost, Ben has used FINIS products for the past 15 years. While crossing the Atlantic, Ben wore an earlier model of our Swimmer’s Snorkel and still uses that same snorkel to train with today. Though much of the rubber has worn off from over a decade of exposure to sea salts and pool chemicals, Ben has not parted with his snorkel and says it still works perfectly. About eight years ago, he purchased the first generation FINIS SwiMP3and uses that unit regularly as well.

Ben’s original equipment

His journey will be aired in its entirety, with 24 hour footage and commentary. He has asked the crew from the popular series “Deadliest Catch” to lead his way across the Pacific, and they will be extremely active in this entire process. As more information becomes available we will continue to update swim fans across the globe, as well as provide links to the live video stream.We want to formally thank Ben and wish him the best of luck on his journey.

You can visit him online on his homepage:

For more information on the products that help set Ben apart, visit us online:


Ben Lecomte (left); John Mix, FINIS CEO (right)

The presses used to make the original FINIS monofins.

John Mix (left) gives Ben Lecomte (right) a tour of the FINIS warehouse.