Sample Workout – Energy Systems

This is a sample workout that I swam yesterday. It focuses on swimming easy around 65% to 70% effort level which Clive Rushton calls the Aerobic Capacity energy system. Swimming at an easy effort level with a heart rate ranging between 115-130 is tremendously important as you build an aerobic base. The workout also allows for some fast swimming with 8×25′s fast which are broken up by easy 200′s recovery. Each interval on the 25′s should be long enough to give you plenty of time for recovery because each one of the 25′s should be swum at a 100% effort.

    400 warmup 

    8×100 dolphin kick on back with Z2 Zoomers. 70% effort with 10-15 seconds rest per 100.

    200 easy

    4x { 2×25 100% MAX effort with Z2 Zoomers. @1:30  + 200 easy (70% effort) @ 60 sec. rest}

    Total Distance: 2400 yards

- Paul