Utilizing Different Energy Levels

I previously wrote about energy levels in this post. Here is one example of how I incorporated the different energy levels into a recent workout. Distances and times can be modified, such as doing sets of only 5×100 during the endurance set. It is important to note that this practice was done on one of my most challenging days: I would allow for 24-48 hours of either complete rest or Recovery/Basic level training afterward.

Warm Up:

1,000 Mixed Drills/Easy/Build


Endurance Set:

The main goal of these 100s is to make the interval. The intensity will automatically increase as the intervals get faster, even if the pace does not. The interval for the last set should be at best possible interval for 10, the second set should be best interval +5, and the third set should be best interval + 10.

10×100 @ 1:20 (Basic)

100 Easy (Recovery)

10×100 @ 1:15 (Basic/Threshold)

100 Easy (Recovery)

10×100 @ 1:10 (Threshold)

100 Easy (Recovery)


Recovery Set:

As the title of this set suggests, the main purpose of this set is to allow your body to recover from the threshold work. The interval should allow for 10-15 seconds rest.

10×200 Pull @ 2:40 (Basic)

Odds- Breathing 3,5,7,9



Overload Set:

The interval should allow for 20-30 seconds of rest for the fast swims. The large amount of rest should allow the athlete to focus on being within 2-4 seconds of his or her best 50 time for the fast ones.

20×50 @ 1:00 (Recovery/Overload)


Evens-100% Effort


Warm Down:

300 Easy (Recovery)

Total: 7,600 Yards

-Mallory Mead
Open Water Marathon Swimmer
Indianapolis, Indiana