Workout Wednesday: Best of the Worst…

Best of the worst…stroke

On this weeks workout there is a great combination of working on your good stroke AS WELL AS your worst stroke. Moan and groan all you want…your sure to still get a great workout!


600 (75 free, 25 best stroke, 25 worst stroke)

6×50 kick, :15 second rest

4×75 IM no free,  :20 second rest

(2 minutes rest)

12×150 odd-best stroke/free/best stroke by 50

even- free/worst stroke/free by 50

:20 second rest

(2 minutes rest)


4-worst stroke descend 1-4, :20 second rest

4-best stroke descend 1-4, :20 second rest

4-easy free swim,  :10 second rest

(2 minutes rest)

4×200 kick/swim 50 with fins, :15 second rest

*use last on as warm down

Total=5,000 yards



Let me know how you do, leave a comment below

-Brooke Bennett