Workout Wednesday: Let’s Work That Upper Body

In this weeks workout we are going to really work your upper body. As we know in swimming having upper body strength is VERY important….so let’s work that upper body!!


2x:          1×200 free

1×100 drill/choice

1×50 skull (arms out in front-press the hands out just past should with apart, turn the hands back in a push hands together)


Mini set: grab a pull buoy and kickboard

8×100 IM pull  :20second rest (after the 50)

*between each 100 IM, grab your board for a 50 free kick

Main set:

4×300 pull with paddles- smooth, long and steady :20 second rest

Warm down set:

6×75 choice drill/kick/choice :15 second rest

*stroke must remain the same for whole 75

Total= 4,000 yards

Enjoy the workout!

-Brooke :)