Workout Wednesday: The Distance Challenge

This week’s workout focuses on pacing and swimming at different speeds. It is a little longer workout then last week but put your mind to it and you will get it done in a breeze.



600- kick, drill, swim by 50’s

4×100- IM/drill  :15 sec rest


Main Set:

1×100 smooth- :10 sec rest

1×200 build- :15 sec rest

1×300 negative split- :15 sec rest

1×400 dec by 100’s- :25 sec rest

1×500 steady/strong


 (2min break)


1×500 smooth- :10 sec rest

1×400 build- :15 sec rest

1×300 neg split- :15 sec rest

1×200 dec by 50’s- :25 sec rest

1×100 FAST

8×50 fingertip drag/swim easy by 25’s- touch and go use as warm down


Total Yardage: 4,400


Good luck & have a great workout!