Workout Wednesday:Red, White & Blue

Happy Birthday America-Red, White and Blue

Let’s celebrate as America turns 236 years old with a fun, but challenging workout.


Warm-up: 200 free, 300 kick, 600 IM (200 drill, 200 swim, 200 drill)


13 (stripes)x100 :15 seconds rest

Odd- 50 catch cup two second count between each pull (steady kick), 50 kick- 25 right side, 25 left side

Even- build trough the 100, finish last 15 years should be near race speed


Main Set:


Red Pace (face should turn from a shade of pink to RED)-

12×50 :20 seconds rest, descend 1-3 ( on 400 pace)


White Pace (recover)

400 easy swim, mix it up strokes/swim/drill


Blue Pace (push to failure)

6×50 ALL OUT!!! on 2:00minutes, your choice of strokes (dive or push your choice)


50 (stars)x25 :10-15 seconds rest

5-kick, 5-swim free, 5-kick, 5-swim choice, anything put free


Cool Down: 200

TOTAL= 5,100