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Female Hydrospeed Velo Race John

Female Hydrospeed Velo Race John

One of the least permeable suits on the market, the Hydrospeed Velo is FINIS' premier technical swimsuit.

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One of the least permeable suits on the market, the Hydrospeed Velo is FINIS' premier technical swimsuit. The Hydrospeed Velo uses the newest smart compression racing technology that supports muscles, reduces lactic acid levels and heighten nerve senses. The Hydrospeed Velo includes a revolutionary blend of fabric that merges high compression panel construction with a lightweight feel. The advanced suit technology provides superior friction reduction in the water, limiting resistance against the body. Laser cut fabric and tapered edges creates smooth seams and secure grip around the legs and shoulders. The Hydrospeed Velo has a unique structure design around the pelvis area providing a custom fit for increased support and compression to vital core muscles.

Download Tech Sheet

Tech Suit Comparison Chart 4-Way Stretch Fabric
Provides perfect compression around the muscles and body
Welded Seamless Technology
Create a seamless structure around the suit and reduces drag friction
Italian Calendared Fabric
Technical heating process produces an ultra smooth and lightweight surface
Minimal Permeability
The permeability value of our fabric is at the legal limit as set by FINA
High Compression Panels
Support the muscles, reduces lactic acid levels and heightens nerve senses
Blended Materials
Superior friction reduction limiting resistance on the body
Panel Construction
Allowing compression and freedom where you need it most
Laser Cut Fabric
Creates a smooth edge that lays flat and firm against the body
Taped Edges
Creates a secure grip against the shoulders or legs
Pelvic Support Area
Unique structure design around the pelvis area provides a custom fit for increased support and compression to vital core muscles
Size down for a competition fit
Drawstring bag included with purchase

Customer Reviews

Absolutely amazing Review by Storm

I am fourteen and got this racing suit for my birthday. It is extremely comfortable and i can really feel the pressure where needed. I would recommend if your in between two sizes on the size chart, e.g. i didn't know whether i was a 28-30 i went with a 28 and downsized to a 26, fits perfectly. Good luck, happy shopping and remember to downsize for a competitive fit.

(Posted on 3/9/14)

great speed suit Review by LRAS

I look forward to the meets when I get to where my velo. It fits like a glove and allows for total shoulder flexibility. I have gotten spoiled because almost every time I compete in the suit I do a personal best time! It is also very durable for performance suit and does not stretch out of shape.

(Posted on 7/16/13)

Absolutely no Suit Failures Review by CrazySwimMom

This is a great suit! My daughter has worn other brands and on EVERY occasion has had a suit failure. While competing in Germany she had a suit rip after one event. When she wore her Finis suit things were very different. She had no suit failures and she swam personal bests! There were swimmers from more than 28 nations attending the meet and she came home with a silver medal in the 100 free wearing her Finis suit.

(Posted on 2/25/13)

agree with awesome! Review by salgut

I really like this suit. It is reasonably priced and it fits well. I'm a masters swimmer and most of the other "high performance" suits seem to be designed for women with no hips or legs.....I have both. I also like that the neck comes up fairly high so I don't acquire a big bubble in my chest when I dive in!

(Posted on 12/26/12)

Queens Knights Swimming and Diving Review by Jeremy Cuebas

Our guys loved them and had great swims throughout the three days of competition. We actually notice some other teams were having technical difficulties with some other top name brands and are grateful that we did not have any issues.

Jeremy Cuebas
Head Men’s Swimming & Diving Coach

(Posted on 4/24/12)

Swimming FAST Review by Jon Duncan

The FINIS Velos are a great quality suit at a decent price. Our Men & Women teams had amazing results in these suits.
Not only did we swim fast, we broke 14 school records at our conference championships meet. The sales representative's have been very helpful
and look forward to using the Velos for next season's championship meets.

Jon Duncan
Head Swim Coach
Southwestern University
Georgetown, TX.

(Posted on 3/30/12)

AWESOME!!!!!! :P Review by Goggle+Cap+Suit=Olympian

I just tried this suit and it rocks!!!!

(Posted on 3/15/12)

awesome Review by tsmcat

It takes forever to get on, but it is TOTALLY worth the struggle. I can definitely feel the difference in my legs. They feel lighter and I feel like a bad a** in the suit. I woud recommend it to any swimmer.

(Posted on 3/5/12)

Awesome Suit Review by Coach

I ordered several of these before our championship meet for my women's team. They loved them! The suits were fast, and the swimmers looked tough in them. The women said that the torso was very comfortable and that during the swim, they could maintain their legs better than they had in the past. It's a great suit!!

(Posted on 2/13/12)

Best Suit EVER!!!!!! Review by pasa*fina

It took me about a half an hour to get on but it was SO worth it! The instant I put it fully on, I felt like an olympian ready to take on the swimming world. It is super light and compresses you in all the right places. When I race in it I feel like I'm gliding through the water with ease and it gives me confidence. Its wayyyy better than any of my Speedo FS-Pro's! And lighter too! I would definitely recommend this suit!

(Posted on 11/19/11)

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How to Put on your Velo
When sized correctly, the Velo should be more difficult to put on than a normal practice suit. The Velo is designed to become a second layer of skin. Putting on a Velo should be done with care and should not be rushed. Follow these tips to make caring for and putting on your Velo as simple as possible.

  • Trim your nails before putting on your Velo.
    Sharp or broken nails can easily rip the fabric.

  • Have plastic bags available.
    Putting plastic bags on your feet before getting into the Velo Race John makes it easier to get the suit over your feet and legs.

  • Take care when putting on Velo.
    The Velo Race John should be carefully pulled up to the knees and the slowly worked up to the shoulders. Do not just pull the suit on like a normal practice suit or else it will tear or not fit properly.

  • Remove your Velo slowly.
    It should be taken off just as you put it on. Once the Velo is off run it through cool water and lay it flat to dry. Make sure your Velo is completely dry before storing it.

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