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Whether you're surfing, kayaking, or even snowboarding, the XtreaMP3 waterproof MP3 player keeps up with your lifestyle.


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Whether you̍re surfing, kayaking, or even snowboarding, the XtreaMP3 waterproof MP3 player keeps up with your lifestyle. With a neoprene band that securely straps to the arm, the XtreaMP3 supplies music during any adventure. Waterproof, airtight ear buds provide superior sound quality, and the 1GB memory stores around 250 songs on the device. The XtreaMP3 is compatible with MP3 and WMA files, and is convertible with iTunes. A built-in USB plug and software playlist functionality make uploading songs to the XtreaMP3 quick and easy. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides over 8 hours of playback per charge.
Waterproof MP3 Player is perfect for surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, rafting, and winter sports
Waterproof Ear buds
Airtight ear buds provide superior sound quality in any extreme environment
Neoprene Arm Strap
Comfortably mount player on upper arm; adjustable to fit most arm shapes
1GB of Storage
Stores Approximately 250 songs or 15 hours of music
MP3 and WMA Compatible, iTunes Convertible
Listen to Music, Audio books, Podcasts and more with incredible sound quality
Playlist Functionality
Build music folders that easily drag-and-drop onto device
Built-in USB Plug
Upload music and charge quickly without additional attachments
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
Provides over 8 hours of playback per charge
Includes: XtreaMP3 Player, Waterproof Ear Buds, Neoprene Arm Strap, Instruction Manual
System Requirements: Windows 98SE or Newer, Intel Pentium II 233 MHz or Equivalent, 256 MB RAM, 35 MB Available Hard Drive Space, USB Port, Internet Connection Recommended

Customer Reviews

Trash Review by Pghcream

Initially I was impressed with the product, but after four months the earphones stopped working. Then, after purchasing another set of earphones the whole unit stopped working. It wouldn't charge up anymore. PISSED!!!!!!

(Posted on 6/25/13)

Great Product, needs revision though Review by Brandon

It works great, there is no two-ways about it. This player does exactly what it is meant to do, and it survives extreme environments.

The Bad:
I had one problem with it. The neoprene strap is combined with a polyester(or something) end-piece used for Velcro attachment. And as is common in arm-strap products, it has a plastic hoop through which this strap is looped in order to provide adjustable arm-width.

Well after 5 minutes (LITERALLY) of surfing at the beach, the polyester end-piece broke and completely unraveled, causing the plastic hoop to fall off and near-loss of the device to mother nature.

I was able to rig it in such a way that the velcrow can still attach, and so I was able to use the device anyway.

But the truth is that they NEED, and MUST, make the strap more durable.
Perhaps it occurred when I flexed my arm while bracing under-water for the wave impact, causing the tightly-bound strap to exceed it's stress-point. Regardless, the strap should be able to hold atleast 30 lbs of weight (or force, in my case), and not completely come apart due to tension.

The Great:
The headphones work incredibly well. The audio quality is absolutely superb, even underwater you can hear the music perfectly. It's absolutely the best money I've spent in a LONG time, and even though my strap is broken and ghetto-rigged, I shall continue to enjoy this product.

I look forward to the future version with a more durable strap.

(Posted on 5/19/13)

Impressed Review by Pghcream

This Mp3 player is great. The sound quality is great in the gym and excellent under water. I made a slight modification on the exterior of the player and attached a spring clip so that I don't have to use the arm band. I do have one complaint about the shortness of the USB/recharge wire. Also, the unit should come with 2-3 extra rubber sheaths that cover the USB/charging wire head. They can get misplaced very easily. Other than that, I really like the player.

(Posted on 4/11/13)

cant hear a thing in that ear Review by all wet

bought 3 of these. One unit, the right ear bud does not work at all and sound is tinny on the left. Second unit; the music is loaded but can't hear a thing. The 3rd unit remains unopened. Seeing if it can be returned. :( Previous review about ear wires needing durability is on target.

(Posted on 3/8/13)

Player works great, earphones leave something to be desired Review by Carl

I purchased the player for my wife for Christmas and then a player for myself after the fact (wish I would have gotten both during the sale). I use mine mainly for working out as I have the SwimP3 player to use for actual lap swimming. As my ears are larger I found that I was unable to get a pair of the inserts to fit comfortably. My wife who has a smaller ear was unable to find a pair of inserts that fit snug enough to wear while swimming (which was her main reason for wanting the unit). The issue with the fit of the earphones has limited our intended use for both units. I believe that if the earphones were made a little sturdier with a more normal (not the pre-bent format) fit and better array of earbuds this unit would be perfect. As I intend to wear my unit to do obstacle racing (mud, water, sand) I will be looking to purchase a set of waterproof headphones.

(Posted on 1/9/13)

Simple & Useful Review by GamezJ

The player is easy to use and easy to load music to. I was able to swim a lot longer while listening to my music. The only down fall is that the earplugs sometimes go in and out; and the cord sometimes get's in the way. For the price it is expected. Overall, great value for fitness training.

(Posted on 11/4/12)

Outstanding results over a period of time, you don't worry about progress, endurance, or improvement. Review by Straywolf

Refusal to enter the water for serious laps, without my XtremeMp3 player is equal to staying out of the water at the first sign of swimmers ear or any other physical ailment which can interfere with a happy swim session. I also refuse to bring my personal problems with me to the pool, to distract others or to be distracted by others during every moment in the pool.
There are many toys for sale, but these do not mean that you can swim. The player unit makes each session sound as if you were in a movie, where you are the star, or an important character of the story.
I am convinced that it is not the music, the loudness, or other possible reasons that make you swim faster. On the contrary, my motto has always been, "How fast do you have to swim?" My theory is that your strokes and techniques will naturally improve as your lungs and your body/limbs adapt to the water.
Swimming to music has also given me an A average in my university, due to the health benefits, in addition to rinsing out the stress or other factors of everyday life.
I have seen other brands, which cost less, but just knowing that
Finis makes these products for them, and the new knowledge about waterproof mp3s will prevent me from having anything except FINIS gear. Having Finis gear versus other brands is equal to common sense over swimming where a certified lifeguard is on duty, versus where someone merely put on a shirt which reads lifeguard.
My best friend in the water, my most valuable tool as a lifeguard are my eyes, and the greatest tool I own in the water while lap swimming for long periods of time is my Finis MP3
Outstanding, keep us swimming Finis!

(Posted on 11/3/11)

Durability Review by Keone

The player is great. The earphone wires needs some durability for the price or an extra set of earphones should come with them

(Posted on 9/6/11)

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