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Never stop to check your heart rate again. With the AquaPulse™ Heart Rate Monitor your current heart rate is verbally announced while you swim. Simply slip the AquaPulse™ inside your goggle strap, attach the soft rubber clip to your earlobe, and go swim. Using an infrared sensor to monitor capillary blood flow, your heart beat is detected through your earlobe. The heart rate is then audibly communicated to you in real time, where the information is transmitted directly to your inner ear via Bone Conduction Technology. No ear buds, cumbersome chest straps, or watch devices are needed.

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Q. What side should I wear it on?

A. For best results, the sensor side should be placed BEHIND the earlobe, with the padding side on the top of the earlobe. This orientation makes it so the wire that connects to the sensor is BEHIND the earlobe (closer to the head).


Q. Can I turn up the volume?

A. Yes you can turn up the volume. I recommend maxing out the volume, or wearing an ear plug to hear better.


Q. I got an erratic reading; is the unit working okay?

A. You may get an erratic reading every now and then, especially if you have large jumps in heart rate (eg. going from easy to fast swimming). It will even out and be more consistent the longer you swim.


Q. How long does the battery last?

A.The battery life will depend on the interval setting, but should average around 8 hours of use. If you are at 10seconds it will last the shortest amount of time. Exact lifespan is hard to judge, but we should start seeing a “range” the more the product is on the market.


Q. How do I recharge the battery?

A. Pull the USB cap off and plug it into your computer’s USB port. It will not be recognized by the computer. Flashing means it’s charging…constant light means it’s charged


Q. Can I pull my heart-rate data off the device?

A. No, this is just a monitor, not a recorder. No data is saved on the device and cannot be pulled onto your computer. We are working towards a device that records in the future, but the timetable is still TBD.



Resources for the AquaPulse

- AquaPulse Instructions



Goggles - For the AquaPulse to stay in place and to utilize the use of bone conduction, goggles will need to be worn while using the AquaPulse. We offer great goggles that will not leak while the AquaPulse is being used. They are comfortable goggles and will help make your AquaPulse experience great.


Ear Plugs - To maximize the sound quality of the AquaPulse. With these comfortable ear plugs you can focus on hearing your heart rate.


Swim Cap - We offer great and comfortable caps that will help keep your AquaPulse in place if you find it difficult to keep your AquaPulse in the desired location. The swim cap also helps to produce a louder sound for your listening pleasure.


Nose Clips – The silicone nose pads offer maximum comfort. The anatomic design of the Nose Clip fits most noses comfortably and keeps the water out.