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Neptune MP3 Player

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Neptune is a waterproof MP3 player that provides the highest quality sound in the water without the use of ear buds. Neptune uses revolutionary Bone Conduction audio transmission to transmit crystal clear audio through the cheekbone directly into the inner ear.

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Why is my Neptune freezing?

If the Neptune is freezing or running slow, there may be non-compatible songs on the device. With the Neptune plugged into the computer, open up the “FINIS” drive and make sure the ‘Type’ column is visible to view the song types. Delete any non-compatible songs off of the “FINIS” Drive.

If your Neptune continues to freeze, you may need to reset the unit. Press and hold the ‘Back’ Button for 12 seconds. The Neptune will automatically power off.

I am listening to an audio book on my Neptune in ‘Play All’ mode, but the chapters are not playing in order?

If you need the audio books or songs to play in order (while in ‘Play All’ mode), ensure that you copy a folder of songs and not each song individually onto the FINIS drive.

My Neptune doesn’t have 8 hours of playback time. Am I doing something wrong?

By default the Neptune will have 8+ hours of playback, but the amount of playback time will vary based on volume you set on the Neptune. The higher the volume, the less playback you will have. Having the screen active will also reduce the playback time. To optimize battery life, navigate to the settings. Change the Screen Saver to 10 seconds and the Power Save to 1 minute.

I am using a Mac OS and it says that my Neptune is full even after I’ve deleted all the songs. What am I doing wrong?

You will need to empty out your trash after deleting songs to free up the deleted space on your Neptune. This needs to be done while your Neptune is plugged into your computer before disconnecting.

Can I create a playlist on my Neptune?

Yes, you can create a playlist of your favorite music by adding new files to the ‘Favorites’ list as you listen to them on the Neptune.
To add the current playing song to the ‘Favorites’ playlist:
• At the playback screen, press and hold the return button to display the options menu.
• Press the up/down arrow to highlight add to favorites.
• Press the play/pause to add the current song to the favorites playlist.
• Display will read ‘Added to Favorites Successfully’.
• Repeat the above steps to add more songs.

To listen to the favorites playlist:
• Navigate to the high-level music menu.
• Press the up/down arrow to highlight favorites. Press play/pause to select the favorites menu option.
• To playback all songs use the up/down arrow to highlight ‘play all songs’ and press the play/pause to select.
• To playback a particular song use the up/down arrow to highlight the particular song you wish to play and press the play/pause to select.

Where do I register my Neptune for warranty purposes?

You can register your Neptune at



• You can choose to load audio files to Neptune through iTunes® on a PC or Mac. Simply drag and drop MP3, AAC or WMA music directly from iTunes® onto the “FINIS” drive.
• As soon as you plug Neptune into your computer’s USB port, the computer will automatically recognize the device as a new “FINIS” disc drive.
• For PC Users: The new removable disc drive will appear in the ‘My Computer’ menu.
• For Mac Users: The new removable disc drive will appear on your desktop as “FINIS.” Or will be located in the ‘Finder’ under devices.
• Find iTunes®on your computer that includes the desired MP3, AAC or WMA song formats.
• Drag the desired songs onto the “FINIS” disk drive.
• As soon as you drop the desired songs onto the new disc drive, the transfer will automatically start and a status bar will appear showing the current progress.
• While transferring, the display will show ‘Transferring’ on the Neptune display. To confirm that your songs have been successfully copied to Neptune, open up the new “FINIS” disc drive and check that all the intended songs were transferred.
• TIP: Playlist folders cannot be dragged and dropped from iTunes®. You will need to drag the song file(s)
• TIP: Make sure the ‘Kind’ column is showing so you can easily identify the song types which are compatible with the Neptune. This is located in the ‘View’ tab. Select ‘View Options’ and make sure the ‘Kind’ option is checked. Neptune cannot play song files that read ‘Purchased AAC Audio File’ or ‘Protected AAC Audio File’

Converting Purchased Songs in iTunes

• With the iTunes® program open, to convert the desired track, right click and select ‘Create MP3 Version’.
• You will notice that a second copy of that song will be created as a MPEG audio file. You can now drag the MPEG files to the “FINIS” drive.


Windows Media Player

• You can choose to load audio files to Neptune through the Windows Media Player program on a PC. With Neptune plugged into your computer, the new disk drive will automatically recognize in the Windows Media Player menu.
• Open the Windows Media Player music library.
• Plug in Neptune, the new “FINIS” disc drive will automatically be recognized in the ‘Sync’ tab.
• Select the desired songs or playlists you want to upload to the device.
• Drag them onto the new “FINIS” disk drive.
• Press the ‘Start Sync’ button as soon as all the songs are setup for transfer.
• You will be able to watch the progress of the transfer and be notified upon completion.
• Please note: After loading songs using Window Media Player, an automated .xml document will appear on “FINIS” disk drive. Do not delete the .xml document unless removing all of the songs from the player.


Proper Care

Neptune Care

• Rinse Neptune with fresh water after every use.
• Pat dry and store in safe, cool, dry environment.
• Do not place Neptune in direct sunlight to dry. This may cause damage to the casing, battery and charging pins.
• Take care to NOT depress buttons with sharp edges such as a fingernail. Sharp edges may puncture the button surface and cause water damage.
• Neptune device is waterproof to 10ft or 3m and can be safely used in swimming pools, lakes, oceans or any fresh/salt water bodies of water.
Fitting Guide
• Open the clips on the side unit and slide up onto your goggle straps. Make sure the unit is flush against your head.
• It is recommended that the bone conduction speakers be placed in front of the ear and not over your ear, resting against your temple bone for ideal clarity.
• Neptune is best heard underwater where no air is present. Wearing ear plugs will not only block noise you hear above the water, but it will also enhance the music quality while swimming.


The Neptune is a great tool to help swims be more entertaining. Here are some great accessories that work great with the Neptune.
Goggles – For the Neptune to stay in place and to utilize the use of bone conduction, goggles will need to be worn while using the Neptune. We offer great goggles that will not leak while the Neptune is being used. They are comfortable goggles and will help make your Neptune experience great.
Ear Plugs – To maximize the sound quality of the Neptune. With these comfortable ear plugs you can focus on listening to your music and not worry about outside sound coming in.
Swim Caps – We offer great and comfortable caps that will help keep your Neptune in place if you find it difficult to keep your Neptune in the desired location. The swim cap also helps to produce a louder sound for your listening pleasure.